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Summary level:
1.1. About Plastics
1.2. Plastics Recycling – Why?
1.3. Plastics Recycling – How?
Essentials level:
2.1. About Plastics
2.2. Plastics Recycling – Why?
2.3. Plastics Recycling – How?
Details level:
3.1. About Plastics
3.2. Plastics Recycling – Why?
3.3. Plastics Recycling – How?

Did you know? PET from PET bottles can be recycled back to PET for bottles again, almost the same quality material. Many times, again and again!

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Did you know? Some companies and institutes progress well in achieving closed-loop material flows with minimum quality losses.

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Did you know? The automotive can already handle co-mingled plastics for re-application.

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Did you know? Mixtures of non-miscible plastics can be compounded with the right additives into quality blends. Blends from virgin materials already constitute more than 30% of all new plastics and their share is growing. Their property combinations are often superior to those of single plastics. This opportunity, however, is hardly being utilized in current commercial recycling operations.

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